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over 2 initial sessions with monthly follow ups
Session 1:

Saturday 9th January 3 pm to 5 pm

Starting with some gentle Qi Gong movement followed by a guided meditation incorporating:

1. To celebrate your wins of the year
2. How you have thrived, stayed motivated
3. What can you do to end 2020 strong & positive
4. Who do you need to add to your team
Followed by a Group Discussion & how to prepare for Session 2.
Session 2:

Saturday 16th Jan 2021 2 pm  to 5 pm

Starting with some gentle Qi Gong movement followed by a guided meditation incorporating: 

1. What is your vision for 2021
2. Who can help you

This will be followed by:
3. Creating your own Vision Board - Sticking photographs, Magazine cuttings, your own drawings that you've collected etc onto a large sheet of paper which can be put up on the wall to inspire you in the coming year!
4.  Followed by a short meditation and Group Discussion.

Follow Up Sessions:  

Monthly Follow Up sessions included to see how everyone is progressing with their Vision for the year.   (Dates to be arranged)

Final Outcome:

Connecting to the Heart Space and finding gratitude 
A to chance to reconnect with your passions 
The truth of who you are TRULY 
Befriending any insecurities, patterns, fears
Claim your authentic self
Attract people to support your joy

To sign up or find out more: 
Contact Angela on

07758 628110

Cost £45 

Healing the Chakras with Qi Gong & Meditation classes on ZOOM
                                        Relax, Renew, Refocus

Achieve relaxation and a quietening of the mind through the gentle flowing
movements of Qi Gong and a guided meditation.  This will rebalance your stress levels which will bring in a deeper resilience and help strengthen your immune system. During the classes we will address the importance of emotional health through the Chakra system of the body.  This links directly to the endocrine system which relates to ones emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.  This also helps maintain the equilibrium of the hormonal system.

During each of the seven classes I will focus on a different Chakra.

The session will start with some gentle Qi Gong movement, which can be done seated, followed by a guided meditation.

Qi Gong brings in alignment and wellness for body, mind and soul.

  • Regular Tuesday class held via Zoom -  7 pm to 8.15 pm
  • Cost: 7 Sessions:  First session free for everyone to try, followed by 6 classes payable in advance £45.  Drop-ins £8 a session.
  • If you would be interested in talking to me about the class or to book please telephone me on 07758 628110 and leave a message with your name & phone number if I am unable to answer or email me on:  

Qi Gong & Meditation at the Yurt in Seaford - Now on ZOOM

Once a month on ZOOM I will be leading the Seaford Yurt group with a short session of gentle Qi Gong movement, which can be done seated, followed by a guided meditation.

Most Sundays there is a meditation starting at 6.30 pm lead by a variety of leaders/meditation teachers. 

Details of who is leading etc can be found on their facebook page:  The Yurt in Seaford.

My Art work, along with my daughter's, Rose.

I love to relax by drawing with Chalk Pastels. I often exhibit my work along with that of my daughter's Rose at local exhibitions including the Artists United show and Brighton's Artwave & Artists Open Houses in Lewes.

Rose's artwork can be seen by visiting her own website at

Secrets of the Dust Pastel Art Exhibition & Workshops in Lewes

I took part in a chalk pastel art exhibition myself which was very creative and restful. After selling my peacock butterfly picture to a local Lewes resident I was commissioned from Spectrum Eyecare to paint local butterflies on the flora of the chalk downs.
The exhibition showed how the doors of perception open through the magical medium of pastels. Veils of other realms can be explored once the doors of perception have been opened. The mundane qualities of life will simply dissolve into moments of wonder & delight! Look & see & discover those hidden depths of yourself! Colour painting can heal too!

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